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Mothering Desire

October 23 - November 30

There are many pivotal points in a singers life, but nothing can be quite so earth shattering times of great physical transition.  This workshop sets the stage of what is true and possible during times of major physical changes for singers including pregnancy and postpartum, peri and menopause and even injury and illness.

This workshop explores the deep through line of how your desires shape our relationship to your body, your singing, and your career. Over 6 weeks you will explore the power of honoring your deepest desires and how this shapes your whole life experience.  Together we'll clean up how you work in each of these areas to maximize your artistry at every level.

  • Anatomical function of the body, how it responds to your desires - and the resulting effects on your singing

  • Re-building the foundation of your relationship to your body for singing

  • Dive into the pelvic floor muscles and their relationship to singing

  • Advanced concepts for breath support and resonance

  • Working smarter under pressure/fatigue, rest, energetic support,

  • Advanced concepts in learning function of the parental brain


In addition to the live sessions there will also be a private facebook group to connect with singers on a similar journey and to get support outside of the sessions.

Weeks alternate between a presentation module and a live group coaching session to experience these principles in action.  This gives you time to digest the information and play with the exercises before we get together for group coachings.  The facebook group allows you to share any questions, concerns or realizations between sessions and benefit from other participants' experiences as well.


All sessions will be recorded and available to participants for at least a year.  

Limited to 8 participants


Sample Schedule

(subject to change)

Week 1 Your Body

Uncover how conscious and subconscious desires for your body can affect your experiences in living and singing. How you look, how you exercise, how you move through the world all set the baseline for your relationship with your body, but often these expectations are set by society, by family, by things that ultimately have no connection to your ACTUAL desires for yourself. This is where we start rewriting your desires for yourself. 

Topics Covered: Anatomy and function of breath in the body, how it responds to our desires, and the resulting effects on resonance, movement, and airflow. Re-building foundations of your relationship with your body and singing: breathing, airflow, ease, movement, release

Week 2 Live Coaching


Week 3 Your Singing

Improper ideas about your body and function limit your singing and today we start reframing your relationship with your body to get better results in your singing. We start working with the expanse of the body in singing. This fundamental shift starts to shape your desires in deeper, more meaningful ways. When you get dramatic results with little effort, what else could be available to you? 

Topics Covered: The relationship of pelvic floor to breath and singing. Advanced concepts for breath support and resonance: slowing down respiration, utilizing the pelvic floor, internal vs external resonance

Week 4 Live Coaching


Week 5 Your Career

Your career isn’t solely about getting paid - it’s about how and where you spend your time - and this is where your desires truly come to life. This day will explore how you find balance with your desires for your career, your family, and yourself. Instilling the importance of nurturing your deepest desires as a way to deepen your relationships with those you love, the work you do, and your value in the world. 

Topics Covered:  Working smarter under pressure/fatigue, rest, energetic support, advanced concepts in learning function: neuroplasticity and myelination, understanding the brain changes in parenthood

Week 6 Final Live Coaching


All attendees have the option to add-on private coaching sessions to further develop mastery in these areas.  Sessions must be scheduled before Dec 12.  Pricing options are included on the check-out page, however, if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss please send me an email.


All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Any private sessions that aren’t scheduled by December 12 cannot be guaranteed.  There is no refund for cancellations or missed sessions.  Rescheduling will be solely at the discretion of the coach.  Please contact me for more information.


I'm not a mother, is this program for me?

Absolutely!  The work we do in this program applies to anyone who's a singer.  There is some focus around balancing career and family that are specific to parents, but you do not have to be a biological parent to benefit from the work and information presented.  At some point we all have to balance our careers and families and connecting with your deepest desires allows you greater strength of purpose in your decisions.

What are the differences between the presentation modules and live coaching?

The presentation module will be a 30-45 min presentation on specific topics and include live Q&A at the end.  The live coaching sessions will be 60 - 90 minutes in length to allow 3-4 singer to work on anything they want to.

How much coaching will I get?

As much you want.  Live coaches will be on a volunteer basis and I will do my best to ensure everyone gets ample time in the live coachings, but you always have the option to add-on private sessions to ensure you get what you need.  You are also able to utilize the facebook group to get feedback on anything you're working on.

What will the final schedule be and when will it be posted?

I will poll attendees to determine what days/times work best - the sooner you sign up, the better chance you have of shaping what days/times.

How does the Facebook group work?

The group is private and exclusive to members of the Mothering Desire Program - a safe space to explore and connect with others.  Questions, ideas, reflections, and support are all available to you as you feel comfortable sharing.  The group will be live through the end of December and then you will be able to get ongoing support through an alumni group with other singers.

What if I don't have Facebook?

A fair question!  We can discuss what you'd like to do instead.  Of course, the value of the program is established outside of the group support - so I think of this more like an added bonus if you'd like to participate.

How will I access the recordings?

For now, recordings will be emailed following each session.  I will make them available, privately, to all participants and update access information accordingly.  Right now it's likely to be youtube, but there may be another solution forthcoming.

How long do I have to sign up?

Sign ups close on October 22 or as long as tickets are available.  As this program is limited to 8 people, it is likely to sell out before then.

More questions?  Don't hesitate to reach out!

Email me here


​“By addressing the physical, mental, and emotional changes and challenges of motherhood, this workshop helped me develop a deeper understanding of how these changes can influence my body and vocal abilities. I feel empowered to pursue my singing career in a way that feels right for me as a mother, allowing me to explore new paths and make choices that align with my desires.“

"I think my favorite takeaway was the discovery that there were physical sensations to be perceived and structures to be relaxed and to be able to be attuned to deeper down into my abdomen... because that was all completely new shit. I had never I had never really heard of this before."

"As a mother I rarely stop to assess to check in with myself - my focus lies to my children, my family, my students, my job.  I feel empowered to really look at what my needs and wants are in my career, to set boundaries and say no to what isn't serving me at this point in my life."

"I'm really not out to attract people because of my body, but I do want to sing. So for me, the choice is actually pretty clear there. With that clarified in my head, I can feel a lot better about a few things, because there's a lot of mental garbage that goes on up here - because of the way our society can constantly bombards us about all these unhealthy body messages."

"I am completely nerding out on all of the wisdom / magic you shared so generously! You created a warm, inspiring space, both in our 1:1 call and during the live coaching - I've continued to find more space and freedom in my singing ever since."


“I really liked your style of presenting the material - it felt real and approachable! All the talk about breathing (especially the fact that so much of what you say is about NOT doing anything and letting your body do what it does naturally) was really helpful. In the last couple of concerts I was able to release more in my stomach (not realizing that I've been holding that in - constantly) and activating more of the deeper abdominal muscles.“

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