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Pelvic Floor and Singing

December 10, 2023 - 10:30AM PST - Zoom

The Pelvic Floor Muscles are integral to your breathing, your singing, and your performing! Having a working understanding of these muscles and how they can transform your singing and completely change the game for your artistry.


Simply knowing how your pelvic floor muscles work and how you can apply them to singing is HUGE  - I’m shocked it’s not level one of singer's anatomy courses.

In fact, I’ve been so frustrated by the lack of adequate information about The Pelvic Floor and its relationship to singing that I’ve created a gender-inclusive workshop specifically for singers to explore and connect with this often overlooked area.


Over the course of 2 hours this workshop will cover everything a singer needs to know about the pelvic floor muscles: Their function in breathing and singing, exercises to develop a better connection with them, and live coaching to transform your singing in real time.


This workshop is recorded and available to registrants for at least a year.  


Anyone who registers will have the option to add-on private coaching sessions to further develop mastery in these areas.  If you’d like to discuss what this could look like for you, send me an email.

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