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How I got here...

When I found out I was pregnant I went on a mission to devour all the information. But I was shocked to find how little valuable information there is for navigating big changes in our bodies. 


You are primed for transformation!


There are specific things that happen physiologically and neurologically that allow us to adapt to the challenges that arise during times of great change whether that's pregnancy, menopause or even illness or injury.  With precise understanding of what's available to you, you can actually harness the power of these physiological changes to elevate your whole life experience.

It took me YEARS to put all these pieces together, but now I can fast track this transformation for other women so they are more prepared, more in tune with their bodies, and more supported to explore their desires for their careers and their whole lives.

By incorporating 20+ years of professional singing, 12+ years of working with physical therapists, 10+ years of Integrative Alexander Technique study, and my constant thirst for knowledge I am helping women redefine their expectations to create a thriving life and career.

portrait of Madison Smith by Vero Kherian


1-on-1 coaching

Go deep and wide to uncover your fullest transformation.  These programs are custom-tailored to what you want to work on most!  We get to go deep and wide into the areas you want support most.

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Workshops are live events that focus on some of the most potent and powerful information I've discovered on my journey.  I've crafted each of these workshops to highlight information that isn't usually included in our education. Workshops are recorded so you can watch and rewatch even if you can't make it live.

Upcoming workshops TBA

Previous workshops:

Embodied Practice

Pelvic Floor and Singing


These pre-recorded courses allow you to learn the basics on your own time.  This is a great way to get the information  you need in a timeframe that works for you.

Pregnant Singer Course

In the Pregnant Singer Course you’ll discover the physical and neurological changes of becoming a parent and how to utilize them to your advantage!

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"I'm sitting here thinking, you're going to be 56, in a few months, I'm really not out to attract people because of my body, but I do want to sing. So for me, the choice [about how I use my body] is actually pretty clear there. With that clarified in my head, I can feel a lot better... because there's a lot of mental garbage that goes on up here... all these unhealthy body messages."


Who do you work with?

I like to think I can work with anyone with a body, but my areas of specialty are women and singers.  Helping women get a better understanding of their own bodies allows them to build a more loving and enjoyable relationship with their bodies, their careers and their whole lives!

How do you work with clients?

I work in containers either through one-on-one coaching packages that are custom-tailored to your desires or through group workshops that can be supplemented with private coaching options

What do you work on?

The sky is the limit!  My purest passion is for getting you in a pain-free, loving relationship with your body whether that's through singing or other mediums.  I grew up as a dancer and horseback rider and even spent several years exploring circus craft so I have a wide range of experiences to draw on.  The goal in each case is the same: how can we get you moving and grooving as deliciously as possible.  My experience and expertise with the Integrative Alexander Technique is the prime foundation of that work.

What is the Integrative Alexander Technique and how is it different from other movement programs?

I like to think of IAT as a functional foundation for how you move and experience your body in the world.  I've studied with Kate Conklin almost exclusively and am proud to be part of the matrilineal line extending back to one of FM Alexander's first female students Marjorie Barstow.  I see Integrative Alexander Technique (a term coined by Cathy Madden) as applying the technique to what you *actually* want to do - integration of the principles in real time.

How can I work with you?

I currently have 3 programs on offer: 1-on-1 Coaching, Live Workshops and Self-guided Courses.  You can read more about them above or you can send me a message if there's something specific you'd like to work on that isn't listed.  Signing up for my email list will get you access to the latest program offerings


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