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Pregnant Singer Course

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Will pregnancy affect your voice? Absolutely! But not how you’re thinking… Pregnancy affects your body and brain in a multitude of ways and this course gives you a high-level view into the changes that can affect your voice and your career the most. In fact, the changes you experience during pregnancy and postpartum can actually make you a better singer IF you know how to leverage them. In the Pregnant Singer Course you’ll discover what these changes are and how to utilize them to your advantage. You will walk away with an understanding of what is changing and how to support yourself to make your singing and performing better than ever! Over the course of 6 sessions you'll learn about: Pregnancy & Birth Brain Changes Body Changes Pelvic Floor and Singing Career Shifts Embracing Motherhood - Learn practical exercises for returning to singing in the postpartum period. - Build a framework for exploring the singer and parent you will become. - Take the worry out of what may happen to your voice and career by knowing what support is available if/when you need it. The end result is knowledge, resources and exercises that allow you to set better expectations and get better results for both parenting and singing. Parenting is hard enough, but coming back to singing doesn't have to be!



Single Payment
USD 300.00
Pregnant Singer Course
USD 100.00/month + USD 20.00 3-month pricing plan

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