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Sick of being sick?

Welcome to March! The beginning of this month has given me an absolute walloping… I’ve been sick for weeks now and still don’t feel like I’m fully human - though each day I’m getting closer.

Funny how getting struck by illness really challenges so much of your sense of self. All these things you used to take for granted are now incredibly difficult, if they’re possible at all. To have such high hopes for yourself and feel like you’re not getting the things done. It sucks.

To keep myself grounded, I’m embracing my work and using my tools to find a calm confidence in knowing:

1. My body is doing important things and whatever I can do to support that (including doing nothing) is important.

2. I can still do important work even if it doesn’t look like what I imagined.

How fitting that I’m offering a workshop on precisely this! Doing the work in real time 😂

Before things took a turn for the worse I got to see Adele perform and as it just so happens she's been sick too. I got there in the knick of time as she had to postpone all her future concerts!

I think of how different our experiences will be over the next few weeks. I assume she’s on total vocal rest for the foreseeable future and given her history with vocal challenges I can only imagine the psychological and emotional effort of trying to get back into things after such a long break.

How do you fix the things that need fixing? How do you tend to the things that need tending? How do you build confidence when you’re playing catch up?

But being sick isn’t an impediment for your progress. This is a time that is rich for neuroplasticity and, if given the right circumstances, you can build in new neural pathways to make your singing even better.

So I see myself right now, my head throbbing, my ears full, my energy absolutely depleted as I start working through a new piece of music and building in what I want this experience to feel like when I’m healthy again - I have faith in that process. I am confident that I will come out of this able to sing this new piece of music better than I could before 🙌🏻

What a load off!

These are the tools that I discovered and developed after having my son when I was dead tired, had no time or space for singing, but wanted/needed a way to build in practice so that I could get back to singing - without hurting myself. I credit them as being the primary reason I’m singing today. And the magic is, this work keeps on giving. The more you do it, the more it grows, and the more you can achieve with it.

My Embodied Practice Workshop is all about giving you access to these tools and exercises to explore this feeling throughout your practice: Confidence. Confidence that you can keep making progress even when you can’t sing whether that’s due to illness, fatigue, lack of time or even proper space - I want you to be able to navigate that time with the confidence knowing you can still work to improve your singing and performing no matter what!

I’ve added 30min private integration sessions so you can get 1-on-1 guidance in using and applying these tools even if you don’t/can't participate in the live coaching. As always, it’s recorded and will be available to you for the next year so even if you can’t be there live, you can still get all the goodness.

Details and registration:

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