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The Silent Singer: How do you practice when you can't make sound?

What if there was a way to not only learn music, but level up your entire performance experience without having to make a sound?

Throughout my conservatory education there were many warnings about oversinging and vocal health and preservation!  But how does this actually work in real life?

When you’re running from gig to gig, in rehearsals all day, and booked years in advance - how do you continue to learn new music and deepen your technical mastery without pushing your voice too far?

What happens when you’re sick or exhausted?

What happens when you don’t have a practice room?

What happens when there’s a sleeping baby next to you?

How do you do the work you NEED to do as a singer and artist without continuing to add to the physical and mental strain of a demanding career and life?

It took me a while to come back to singing after having a child.  The fatigue, lack of sleep, and utter lack of time or space meant singing was very much in the back seat.  I couldn’t simply spend an hour singing - my voice and body were too fatigued to support extended singing even if I had a room to sing out in.

I was at a standstill.

But I started to play with audiation and over the course of several years, I developed a unique and finely tuned system for integrating my singing practice into my daily life.  I no longer had to wait for the perfect time or place to get my work done and my singing was coming easier than ever.  And all without having to make much noise at all!

This year, as I watched the cold and flu season settling in amongst friends and colleagues during audition season, it struck me how vital these tools could be for other singers!

What would it mean to be able to keep developing and mastering your craft of singing without having to phonate?  That’s gold for ANY singer!

And I’m bringing these tools to you!

In the Silent Singer Workshop you’ll learn techniques for:

  • Full-body resonance to seamlessly integrate your WHOLE body into your singing practice anytime, anywhere.

  • Performance-ready practice to catapult your artistry in the practice room to transform your performances.

  • Focused mastery to smooth out technical challenges without tiring out your voice or your soul.

These tools not only make the learning process quicker, they make it more enjoyable.  You get to integrate the joy of imagination and play throughout your singing practice!

As artists we’re constantly up against a deadline and we are often forced to get by on a level of preparation that’s not what we truly want.  We rush to get the words and notes in and we rarely get the time and space to imagine the whole performance until we get to the dress rehearsal.  But what if we could start there?

How much would it mean to you to walk into rehearsals ready to play artistically without having to worry about how you sound?  

What if this work allowed you to be more present in your whole singing practice?  How could it transform your singing? How could it transform your confidence to go for bigger, better roles knowing you have the ability to safely make bolder choices? 

How could this kind of work transform the art of classical music as a whole - when singers feel emboldened to push their artistic limits sooner rather than later?  

This is what I’m here for and this is the kind of work we’re going to be doing!


Registration is open through Jan 10 at 10am PST.

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