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Welcome to Motherhood Transformation

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

This is a space to explore the physical, neurological, psychological and emotional changes that arise throughout a singers lifetime whether that's pregnancy and postpartum, peri and menopause, or even illness and injury. These are pivotal times in our relationships with our bodies, our minds and our whole selves that need specific kinds of support.

My original concept for this space was to help female singers on the journey into motherhood, but the deeper I get with this work, the more I realize this can apply to anyone in any place in their life. There is so much overlap in the physical and neurological changes that occur at various stages of our lives - if we did the work to properly support our psychological and emotional selves as well, these transitional phases could actually transform and transcend our expectations for our singing, our careers, and our whole lives!

The biggest driver for me is dispelling the myths, the untruths, the vague ideas that tend to permeate the singing world. When we talk about singing technique and how to's, a lot of the information shared isn't functionally or anatomically appropriate. I think there's a fear of "If we make it too complicated no one will understand it", and while that fear is valid, understanding how our bodies are meant to move and what we can actually control doesn't actually overwhelm the system... if anything it makes our approach to singing easier and more reproducible.

I think about this in relationship to the pelvic floor, in particular. At least in the classical music world, we spend a lot of time talking about "connecting to the pelvic floor", but what does that actually mean? What are the pelvic floor muscles? How are they meant to function? What control can we effect on them? What results can we expect in our singing?

Without this precise information we're just fumbling around in the dark. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and when it doesn't who's to blame? The teacher or the student?

So this is a driving force behind my work - to demystify the process of singing, of our bodies, of our whole selves so that we can start to work WITH our bodies. The results we get often feel magical, but what truly makes them magical is how dependable and reproducible they are.

In other words, you get to experience the magic of singing more consistently and with greater ease than ever before!

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